Band Member Information


Formal-Men: black pants, white long sleeved shirt, dark tie. Women: black pants or skirt, white tops. 

Casual-tan slacks, white polo style WCB logo shirt, red belt, white shoes. 

Parade-tan slacks, red belt, patched short sleeved shirt, pith helmet, white shoes. 

New Members- Make sure you get your WCB polo shirt for the "casual uniform" - the cost is $35 per shirt. 

Board of Directors

Marcia Chithelen - President
Ken Robins  - Vice President

Patty Gelineau  - Treasurer
Emily Capone -  Secretary

Anastasia Gussen

Peter Hadley

Dennis Hyde
Pam McLaughlin
Corky Stewart

Annual Dues

Westport Community Band has established its annual dues at $75.

We rely on dues to cover some of our operating expenses, including stipend to the musical director.  Payment of dues is voluntary though strongly encouraged.  Many members contribute more than $75. Dues may be considered charitable deductions for tax purposes.  Please make your check payable to: Westport Community Band, Inc.

You can contact:

Patty Gelineau

Instrumental Section Coordinators

Flutes:  Pam McLaughlin

Double Reeds:  Bob Buckner

Clarinets:  Joanne Crawley

Saxophones & Lower Woodwinds:
Larry Schwartz

Trumpets:  Jessica Browner

Horns: Bob Brewer

Trombones:  Dennis Hyde

Baritones & Tubas:  Philip Adelman

Percussion: Susan Schaefer