Attendance Policy

The Westport Community Band provides an opportunity for its members to study challenging concert band literature, to improve individual technique, to create music as an ensemble, and to bring excellent entertainment to our audiences and enjoyment to ourselves. Our Musical Director, Sal LaRusso, has articulated a primary requirement for attaining these goals: predictable regular attendance.

 In order for the Band to continue to strive for musical excellence with a challenging repertoire, while recognizing the fact that we are a volunteer organization whose members have demanding personal schedules, we have established these fundamental expectations regarding attendance.

 Members are expected to attend rehearsals throughout the Band season. It is not possible to achieve ensemble mastery in the absence of a group that plays together regularly. 

If a member needs to miss a rehearsal or a performance, s/he is expected to notify the Musical Director as far in advance as possible to allow for adjustments in programming*. 

The rehearsals immediately before a major concert are particularly important, so it is required that members attend the dress rehearsal and at least one of the two rehearsals preceding the dress rehearsal. If a member cannot satisfy this requirement, s/he may not play the concert. Exceptions may be made by the Musical Director. 

As all Band members assume responsibility for their own attendance, the organization will continue to achieve its goals at increasingly higher levels. 

31 July 2006